Singapore, Singapore
IT/Web Development

iPrima Media

Daryll Chu
Singapore, Singapore
Online Branding Strategist

iPrima Media

Sam Kee
Miri, Malaysia
IT/Web Development

iPrima Media

Yap Jun Yong
Miri, Malaysia
Content Creator

iPrima Media

Miri, Malaysia
Content Creator

iPrima Media

Malcam Prasad
Miri, Malaysia
Content Creator

iPrima Media

Caius Frankie
Miri, Malaysia
Content Creator

iPrima Media

Basil Tiong
Miri, Malaysia
Content Creator

iPrima Media

Elaine Voon
Miri, Malaysia
Paid Ads Manager

iPrima Media

Mao Shun Hun
Miri, Malaysia
Graphic Designer

iPrima Media

Singapore, Singapore
Online Branding Strategist

iPrima Media

Singapore, Singapore
Social/Email Marketer

iPrima Media

Miri, Malaysia

iPrima Media

Jimz Ling
Miri, Malaysia
Paid Ads Manager

iPrima Media

Owen Choo
Miri, Malaysia
Paid Ads Manager

iPrima Media

Raymond Wong
Arlo Bruce,
Jayda Mcpherson,
Alicia Pennington,
Hudson Chambers,
Rylie Villarreal,
Gloria Bush,
Finnegan Riley,
Amelie Pennington,
Laurel Hale,
Layla Green,
Krystal Cowan,
Jaylene Riley,
Jaylene Pennington,
Zackary Thomas,
Alicia Short,
Raelynn Cowan,
Rylie Thomas,
Julianne James,
Amelie Dixon,
Riya Jackson,
Esme Dixon,
Esme Adkins,
Kolten Thomas,
Zackary Page,
Jaylene Short,
Averi Adkins,
Mary Dixon,
Finnegan Harris,
Jaylene Mcdaniel,
Esme Mcpherson,
Jaliyah Green,
Jerry Shannon,
Karissa Navarro,
Raelynn Savage,
Mary Wagner,
Julianne Li,
Leila Ballard,
Gloria Short,
Maritza Jackson,
Finnegan Snyder,
Mary Adkins,
Laurel Harris,
Mary Savage,
Mary Green,
Jaylene Bruce,
Marie Lucero,
Elsa Riley,
Maritza Short,
Esme Riley,
Amelie Walters,
Jerry Thomas,
Deangelo Elliott,
Ally Frazier,
Karissa Hale,
Madyson Humphrey,
Jayda Thomas,
Alena Lucero,
Finnegan Key,
Carley Navarro,
Hudson Dixon,
Krystal Wagner,
Arlo Weber,
Leila Weber,
Karissa Humphrey,
Averi Walters,
Zackary Wagner,
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Leverage Our Digital Talent To Supercharge Your Business Growth Today

Empowering Your Business Growth With Digital Marketing


Our skilled growth marketers will create attention-grabbing & value-driven content to capture, nurture & convert your audience.



We will promote your business on Google & social media platforms to drive brand awareness & bring in more leads & sales.



You will get your own effective sales funnel to confidently convert more qualified prospects into repeat customers.


Iprima Talent

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Iprima Talent established its mark in 2017 and soon became one of the fastest growing start-ups in Global. We have worked successfully with 400+ local SMEs to build their online presence and increase their ROI. Currently we have 3 offices in Singapore, Johor Bahru (Malaysia), Miri (Malaysia) and we are looking to expand more..





Why Choose us

We Help SMEs & Startups In The Following Areas

Save Hassle

The well trained digital marketers can save your trouble of planning for your business strategies.

Save Money

Outsource the exact digital marketing talents for your business, you save money on hiring a new employee.

Save Time

The Talents are proactive and professional in their own field. They will solve your problem in a minimum time.

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Follow our blog to get updates on the latest digital marketing trends, growth stategies that work & occasionally some fun stuff & goodies.

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